St. Paddy's with the Fatties

The Casbah, 306 King St West, Hamilton

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the Fat Cats. Yes, that's right, it was back in 1992 that a once spry group of musicians took to the stage for their first gig. There will be limited shows during this special year for the band. Please join the Fat Cats and their good friends Grand River Ramblers for this 25th anniversary St. Paddy's with the Fatties jamstravaganza!

Doors at 9pm $10 in advance (limited # of advanced tickets available) $15 at the door

Fat Cats

Not to be pigeon-holed by any particular style, The Fat Cats have made significant in-roads within the “Jamband” genre, not only for themselves, but for a collection of other bands as well by creating an accessibility to the scene that reaches a larger group of music fans. Often being revered as the pioneers of the craft in Canada, the free flowing and uninhibited style of playing has been a specialty of the band since their inception 25 years ago. The everlasting chemistry between the players has kept this ideal blooming throughout their history, and forges the future of their unmistakable sound and groove.

Always maintaining an organic nature that pays homage to many great singers and songwriters, the sound takes on an electrifying groove that draws on all popular genres in the last 60 years. The song writing, while timely and lyrically relevant, possesses an ageless quality that speaks to all generations of listeners; basically, if you like music, you will like the Fat Cats. The band has shown their infectious groove makes them a sure bet to both draw a crowd, and entertain.

Fat Cats Line-up

Adam Bernstein - Drums Chris Gatchene - Guitar and Vocals Todd Gillies - Guitar and Vocals Dave Hill - Bass Josh Williams - Keys and Beard

GRAND RIVER RAMBLERS are a galvanic group from the historic stomping grounds of Wellington County. They dig in hard and play from the hell bent heart.

Purveyors of Bluegrass, Roots, and something else wild you would have to witness to describe.

Yes,.. Bluegrass with drums. Don't get your rigid muffin in an acoustic knot traditional folk,.. These peculiar four have been breaking rules their entire lives and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Grand River Ramblers Line-up

Tim Ewing: Mandolin Rusty Enns: Guitar Bill Moorehouse: Bass Tim Turvey: Drums